“Beautiful sites but they don’t work as well as you would expect. The customer service is awful. Often times I just never get a response. When they do respond it’s days later, if you have more than one concern listed in your support ticket be assured you will not get them all answered in one e-mail…they just don’t care about their customers.”

“BluDomain offers stylish and reasonably priced websites, however, their customer service just crosses over what their developers have to offer. The templates are often delivered late, the bugs are fixed long, emails rarely returned and the phone doesn’t answer. With such service it’s impossible to run your website properly.”

“A few weeks ago I moved my website to a new hosting provider. After a few requests to bludomain to let me transfer my service, they refused to let me…They said I had to pay for the years 2010 2011 2012 and 2013 all in one chunk right now or they wouldn’t let me transfer my service. They held my website hostage to make me pay for services they never billed me for PLUS for future years I wasn’t going to use! Just to be sure I read through my whole terms of use (it’s on their site) and it says nothing about 4 year billing cycles.”

Bludomain Complaints

Bludomain Complaints


“Do not, under any circumstances, sign up with BluDomain.com.”

“They are NOT optimized for SEO, as much as the say they are. They offer very LITTLE assistance for bugs that are present in their templates, and they offer absolutely NO refunds.”

“I’ve learned the hard way–you get what you pay for. Their support and products are CHEAP. I’ve paid ten times over in the time I’ve had to invest and the disappointment I’ve faced.”

“This company will not follow their own terms of service, and absolutely will attempt to scam you at their first opportunity.”